Stormy Daniels to perform at Wayne strip club in August

Stormy Daniels to perform at Wayne strip club in August

WAYNE – Porn star and presidential agitator Stormy Daniels will be coming to New Jersey.

Wayne strip club Lace announced that Daniels will perform two shows at the club on Aug. 9. But the announcement is not sitting well with residents in town.

“It’s ridiculous, just the idea of her coming over here to make money on something so dirty,” says Wayne resident Violet Fernandez.

Daniels claimed to have had an affair with President Donald Trump in 2006. She is now suing the president over a non-disclosure agreement she signed. She says that she was paid $130,000 to keep quiet. A legal advisor has since confirmed the president knew about the payment and reimbursed his lawyer.

Some Wayne residents say that they mostly believe Daniels, but don’t approve of her strip tour.

“Here she is with this big accusation against the president of the United States and then she does this. Woman to woman, it reduces her credibility greatly,” says resident Rose Pisacine.

Daniels has been touring strip clubs across the country on a schedule that sometimes seems to parallel President Trump’s. Daniels’ Wayne appearance comes as the president has been spending time at this golf resort in Bedminster.

But Lace’s managers say that they booked Daniels for the shows before she recently expanded her tour. They say that they are paying her less than $10,000 for the appearance and that they did not choose her for any political stance.

“I would say this is not a political stunt that we’re doing. We’re just trying to be very social about…giving people the ability to meet and greet with her…and to come out and have a good time,” says Lace manager Daryl Robinson.

Lace officials say that they won’t be selling tickets to the shows, just taking reservations for the appearances.